Zildjian FX Raw Crash , Small bell



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The Raw Crash is a cymbal like no other – unrefined and completely unique. With a short and explosive crash, it also works as an alternate ride that is dry and cutting. Vetted in the Zildjian Concept Shop and now available worldwide, FX Raw Crashes are the most unrefined and funky Zildjian cymbals ever produced! Each Raw Crash starts from Zildjian’s secret alloy, but is not hammered, lathed or trimmed, creating a sound and look that’s unlike any other cymbal. Variations in profile, shape, size and edge consistency are what create the wildly individual sounds from one crash to the next that make these cymbals so special. Unleash an unrefined sound. These cymbals open up easily, producing beautiful dry crashes with great cut, then drop out of the mix, allowing punchy accents and clear stick patterns. The small bell version of the Raw Crash delivers a controlled and dry sound, with less pronounced overtones. Their low shapes make them ideal for moderate volume settings where less projection is needed. A completely individual look. Aesthetically, each Raw Crash will feature streaks, splotches and swirls of varying colors. These are created when the hot metal is tempered, and over time, will continue to develop. These are purely visual features that occur naturally in the process, and dont affect sound or longevity in any way. • Dry, unrefined and funky • Untrimmed for unique, non-circular shape • Varies in size between roughly 17″ – 24″ • Explosive attack with quick decay • Also works as alternate ride

Location: Alma Drum, Commerical Drive