Tama 14X5 Stewart Copeland Signature Brass Snare




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Stewart Copeland’s signature model is a faithful reproduction of the snare drum of “mysterious provenance” that he used with the Police and everything else from that time period. A brass shell that’s 0.5mm thicker than the standard 1mm shell and the combination of a die-cast batter hoop with a triple flanged bottom hoop provides sounds that easily penetrate what Copeland describes as the “dirge from the bass and the ear-piecing sounds of a guitar.”

Shell: 1.5mm Brass
Hoops: Die-Cast (10 Hole Batter side)/Steel Mighty (10 Hole Snare side)
Lugs: MSL35(Chrome)
Strainer/Butt: MUS80A/MUS80B
Snappy: MS20SN14S

Location: Alma Drum