Sonor Hilite Maple Drum Kit 22/16/13/12 with Snare




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Like with many of the kits Sonor have produced over the years the main apparent theme throughout the kit is ‘no compromise’. The Hilite looks and sounds formidable and there is innovation everywhere. What is really interesting about the Hilite is the specification of the Maple shell which is unique to the series. Whilst Sonor have gone on to offer more Maple Shell options, nothing is currently offered that replicates this specification which makes the Hilite sonically unique. Sonor Hilite drums achieve extra high projection with unique insulators that avoid sound absorption by providing no contact between metal parts and the wooden shell. The shells are 9-ply maple, cross-laminated with a thickness of 7.5 mm. The characteristics of these shells are a full and warm tone with precise attack. This kit is outfitted with chrome fittings, ferro-manganese steel hoops, tube lugs, and slot-head tension rods. This kit is in excellent condition, with a few minor cosmetic issues that do no affect the playability of the kit. There are a few bumps and scratches on the outside of the shells, but do not penetrate the finish anywhere. The bass drum hoops have some wear around the edges, but are still fully intact and functional. Included in the kit: 12 x 10 Rack Tom 13 x 11 Rack Tom 16 x 16 Floor Tom 22 x 16 Bass Drum 14 x 5.75 Matching Snare w/ Die Cast hoops

Location: Alma Drum