Roland VAD706-GE Gloss Ebony




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***This is a floor model. See pictures attached to the listing. Used code “DEMO” to save 10% at checkout.

This Roland VAD706 in Gloss Ebony is the absolute tip of the sword when it comes to V-Drum Technoloy. You know why you’re here. You finally found one. I could easily copy and paste a description like all the other shops, but I’m here to say this kit speaks for itself. It is THE machine to end all. The digital aspects take it above and beyond in the sensitivity department. I ordered this kit for store stock and it took over a year to get here. The other colors were much easier to obtain, but I knew we wanted the Gloss Ebony. Black never gets old. So here’s your chance, don’t hesitate on this kit, they don’t come around very often. Feel free to come down to the shop to demo the largest in stock selectrion of V-Drums in western Canada.

***This is a floor model located at our Commericial Drive location***


Location: Commerical Drive