Remo Mondo Hand Drum Kit




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Here we have the ultra rare Remo Mondo Drumkit with a DW Tom / Bass drum riser. The kit has also been customized with beautiful walnut stained wood hoops that really adds to the aesthetic.

Branded as a hand drum kit, these are sought after pieces of history. The warmth of these drums really comes across beautifully when played with mallets. Certainly a collectable, playable, and unique set up that sounds amazing.

*Comes with DW bass drum lifter.

Outfitted with REMO Fiberskyn 3 heads that are almost mint. Very minimal signs of wear on some of the drums. They appear to have only been played several times.

12″ rack tom

14″ floor tom

16″ kick drum

14″ matching snare

*snare stand not included*


Location: Alma Drum