Pearl Roadshow Jr. Drum Kit W/Hardware Jet Black



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Regardless of when your rhythmic journey starts, Pearl’s Roadshow Jr. is a drum set scaled for smaller players. It includes everything you need to get on the road to drumming greatness!

16×10 Bass Drum
8×5 and 10×5.5 Toms
13×8 Floor Tom
12×4 Snare Drum
1 x Cymbal Stand (C40)
1 x Hi Hat Stand (H40)
1 x Snare Stand (S40)
1 x Bass Drum Pedal (P40)
1 x Jr. Throne (D40)
13″ Brass Crash-Ride & 10″ Hybrid Hi Hat Cymbals
Includes Drum Sticks & Pearl Drum Stickers

Location: Alma Drum