Pearl 14×5.5 President Series Snare White Oyster Pearl

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The President Series Phenolic snare drum — one of only 75 in the world — revives the thunderous crack of Pearl’s composite-shelled ’60s Presidential lineup, all with the 21st-century durability for which modern Pearl snares are renowned. Beneath this snare’s oyster-wrapped, hermetically pressurized phenolic shell lies the snarl and spirit of 1967 itself: a fabled period in Pearl’s snare-building history. From its modified Battleship lugs to its Silver Script badge, this snare is positively bursting with vintage character. A set of 2.3mm Superhoop II triple-flanged hoops gives this 8-lug snare a classically open tone and road-ready durability. It comes outfitted with a Remo USA Ambassador Smooth White batter head to deliver great sound and feel from the first time you tune up. Take a look inside, and you’ll find an adjustable tone muffler with an exterior dial to help focus stick attack and dry out unwanted over ring — a feature that comes in handy for the studio.


Location: Alma Drum