Ludwig Vintage 70’s Butcher Block 13/14/18/22




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This kit features a massive shell bank which includes 10″ and 12″ concert toms, 13″ and 14″ rack toms, and 16″ and 18″ floor toms, all centered around the undeniable 22×14 bass drum.

The kit has some quirks for sure but is in overall really good shape aside from the 10″ concert tom that has a crack in the shell (didn’t go through the re-ring so it is still solid and totally playable).

The drums seem to have a bit of a date range in terms of manufacturing but the only strange piece is the 16″ floor tom which is 6-ply maple and the rest of the kit is 3-ply maple with re-rings.

We gave this kit the full blown “Rufus Drum Spa” treatment. Cotton has been stuffed into all of the lugs, all screws and tension rods have been soaked in oil and cleaned up.

Swivel nuts have been cleaned and oiled on the inside and out.

Lug casings, hardware, and hoops have been polished.

Shells have been cleaned, waxed and polished.

For heads we kept it classic: Remo coated emperors on top, clear ambassadors on bottoms. Bass drum has clear Remo Powerstroke3 on batter, original Reso head. Concert toms have Remo control sound black dots.

Drums have very minor scuffs and scratches here and there, but nothing major or noticable from a few feet away.

This kit sounds exactly like you think it should, amazing.

10×6.5 concert tom SN 1795798 1978ish

One very significant crack through the shell, some superficial cracking on interior ply

12×8 concert tom SN1795792 1978ish

Bearing edges are a little rough in spots, but nothing crazy.

13×9 rack sn1593816 1977ish

Some dings in the wrap, a few little rough spots on the bearing edge.

14×10 rack sn1593786 1977ish

One small chip in top bearing edge

16×16 ft sn2022344 1980

6ply maple really nice, but does not match kit Small scratches

18×16 ft sn1593760 1977ish

Some slight spots on bearing edge top and bottom

22×14 sn1591366 1977ish

Washers unoriginal on mounting hardware, original wingnuts missing on legs


Location: Commerical Drive