Ludwig “Prototype” Acrolite 404 -1960 (RARE)




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Early 60’s Ludwig Acrolite 14×5″ 1st Generation/Prototype Model Often dubbed as the Acrolite Prototype, this is the first generation Acrolite featuring a welded textured (orange peel) shell with crimped snare beds, aluminium hoops and lugs, original P83 strainer, butt end and internal red felt baseball bat dampener. Rob Cook’s “The Ludwig Book” says that only 200 of this 1st generation were made, but of course, no-one can prove this but they are indeed not often seen. It’s believed that they were sent out to dealers for approval / sale. It was soon realised that the aluminium hoops and lugs were not substantial enough, and thus ended the 1st generation production With all aluminum lugs / hoops and shell, this drum is extremely light weight. One might say, almost too light, hence the re-release in ’63 with the brass and steel fittings. This drum is a true all original offering. Heads, wires and all hardware is in tact and function perfectly. The drum sounds crispy, dry and absolutly perfect. Normally we would re-skin and clean this deeply, but keeping it in all original condition is too cool. It even has the little permenent marker lines above the lug indicating where to drill. There is a small dent in the batter side hoop. Otherwise this drum is pretty much immaculate. Super rare, super cool piece of Ludwig history. Thank you.

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