Ludwig 1961 Red Sparkle 13×9 / 16×16 / 20×12 3-ply Mahogany White Interior.



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13×9 / 16×16 / 20×12
Mahogany/Poplar/Mahogany shells

All edges appear to be untouched and in nice shape. Every drum tunes like a dream and sounds incredible! Chrome is in nice shape all around, and the wrap has only minor scuffs. The bass drum hoops show the most ware but are structurally sound.

Kick drum is stamped “Mar 7 1961” and appears to be born the same time as the rack tom. Both have pre-serial badges.

The floor tom is a couple years newer than the others and has serial number 72430. The sparkle looks slightly different on this drum than the other two due to Ludwig’s process changing from finishing the shell with black paint before applying the wrap (on the rack tom and bass drum) to not doing that by the time the floor tom was made.

Both toms have white interiors. Bass drum has a clear lacquer interior.

Original bass drum mounted cymbal arm is included. Floor tom has a Baseball bat muffler and the rack tom has a regular round muffler. Rubber feet on bass drum legs are Gibraltar. Everything else appears to be original.


Location: Alma Drum