Gretsch 6.5X14 Ridgeland Snare Drum Natural Satin Lacquer



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For nearly 40 years, Gretsch Drums have been hand-crafted in Ridgeland, South Carolina. It’s here that a team of dedicated artisans ensure that every drum possess “That Great Gretsch Sound.” Every detail is considered, utilizing the finest materials available today. To honor the dedication and passion of these artisans and the time-honored tradition of Gretsch drum making, we proudly introduce the USA Custom Ridgeland Snare Drum.

A stout, ½” thick hybrid shell of maple, gum and poplar, finished with a soft 30º bearing edge that delivers a rich, full-bodied and woodsy tone—perfectly suited for a variety of playing applications. Faithfully maintaining the Gretsch USA build, Ridgeland Snare Drums are equipped with sturdy 4mm die-cast counter hoops, the ever-popular Lightning Throw-off, 20-strand snare wires and Gretsch Permatone drumheads. To perfectly match your drum set, Ridgeland Snare Drums are custom made in any available Nitron, Satin or Gloss Lacquer finish.

The Ridgeland, Born in the South and made to inspire.

Location: Alma Drum