Dunnett Classic Model 2N Aluminum 14×6.5 Rufus Yellow

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Once again, we’re in deep with Ronn Dunnett! You may have seen our exclusive RufusXDunnett snares in the past. Classic Rufus Yellow in Carbon Steel. This time things are a little bit different. We love the 2N style Aluminum snares Ronn makes, in fact, they might be our all time favorite. Here we have a custom Classic Model 2N Aluminum. The classic size 14×6.5 with all the world famous Dunnett fixins’. These are currently limited to a run of: TWO 14×5.5’s and TWO 14×6.5. Without a doubt, rare, collectable, and absolutley crushing. Full bodied, often described as a hotrodded supraphonic, ideal for all applications. Thanks for checking in, if you’ve made it this far you’re nearing the point of no return! These typically sell out in a matter of days.. What are you waiting for!? Lol, have a nice day. Allan & The Rufus Crew

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