Ava Super Stave Walnut 10/12/16/22with snare




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Walnut kit with SUPER-STAVE shells

3 piece tongue and grooved staves with perpendicular Maple inner core

Bass drum is a SUPER-STAVE / STABLE-STAVE combo

It has a Stave re-ring with a thin piece of flat perpendicular Maple sandwiched between the shell and re-rings.

Full round over AVA custom bearing edges.

High build satin finish

Walnut veneered Maple bass drum hoops.

10×8 12×9, 16×15, 22×15,

14×6.5 Snare

Shell thickness is in relation to its diameter, ranging from 8mm to 12mm.

Black Nickel hardware, 2.3mm TF hoops, Single ended lugs.


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